Uniciti Office Park

Ideal launch pad for businesses
Uniciti Office Park

Ideal launch pad for businesses

Set amidst a picturesque setting on the west coast of Mauritius, Uniciti Office Park is the ideal launchpad for local and international companies interested in setting up their businesses in an environment featuring great amenities and unique scenic views over the coastline and mountains.

Spreading over a total surface area of 15,000m2, the Office Park today hosts 15 low-rise buildings and a full-fledged 400-seating cafeteria, ideal for coffee breaks and lunch, set within a beautifully landscaped environment with a view on the sea. An extensive area, earmarked for business purposes will accommodate new phases as well as multiple other projects in the future.

  • E-Brochure
  • Flexibility
  • On-site facilities
  • Flexibility


    - Flexible office spaces from 50m2 to 1,000m2, either shell and core or fully-fitted


    - Extensive covered and uncovered parking area


    - Back-up generators


  • On-site facilities


    - Full-fledged 400-seating cafeteria


    - High-speed fibre optic connectivity


    - CCTV and 24/7 security

Smart location

Smart location

Uniciti Office Park benefits from a reliable road network, either by bus or by car. It lies close to main cities through access roads and highways which makes it a convenient work place to head to, far from dense traffic jams:

  • 5 minutes from Tamarin
  • 15 minutes from Black River
  • 20 minutes from Phoenix
  • 20 minutes from Ebene
  • 30 minutes from Port Louis
  • 50 minutes from SSR Airport

Did you know?
  • #1

    A natural drainage system will collect rainwater and redirect it towards existing rivers

  • #2

    New parks will be created within the city as an extension of existing green areas

  • #3

    The city grids takes into account the prevailing winds to ensure natural ventilation

  • #4

    The site on which the city is built is covered with a dense network of water bodies

  • #5

    The design codes will ensure the architectural coherence and high environmental performance

  • #6

    Land use is distributed in a manner that optimizes the use of energy and resources

  • #7

    The city is designed as a series of walkable neighbourhoods, along linear parks

  • #8

    Each of the city’s neighbourhoods is a self-sufficient node, organized around a local centre

  • #9

    Each primary road of the city incorporates generous pavement and a segregated cycle path

  • #10

    The whole city will be connected through cycle and pedestrian tracks

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