A core team of highly-qualified professionals with diverse experience and skill sets, ranging from project managers and developers to financial, marketing, communication and sales work tirelessly and collectively to develop and achieve projects in line with Uniciti’s vision.

  • Thierry Sauzier
    Chief Executive Officer of Medine Group

    Born in 1968, Thierry Sauzier holds a ‘Maitrise d’Economie Appliquée’ from Université de Paris Dauphine.

    After starting his career at the Credit Lyonnais in France, he joined the MCB Stockbrokers in 1992 where he qualified as a Licensed Stockbroker in 1993 and managed the company for seven years. In 2000, he joined the Corporate Banking Department of the Mauritius Commercial Bank where he managed a portfolio of corporate clients until 2003.

    He then joined Medine Limited in 2004 as a Project Consultant and led the Tamarina Golf Estate IRS project up to its completion. In 2007, he started what was to become Medine Property of which he is the Managing Director since 2009. Thierry is also the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Medine Limited since February 2011.

  • Patrick Boullé
    Operations Manager

    Patrick Boullé is a Chartered Accountant (Diplômé d’Expertise Comptable, France). He worked as a Financial Auditor for Deloitte & Associés in Paris from 2010 to 2014. After working as Finance & Risk Manager at Prudence Leasing in Mauritius from 2014 to 2016, Patrick joined Medine Property in May 2016 as Development Manager.


    As from November 2017, he took the role of Operations Manager. His mission is to assist the Managing Director in the development of the cluster’s policies and goals that cover operation activities in general. He will also work together with the development management team to ensure that projects are delivered as per the Medine Property Pipeline.

  • Edgar Jullienne
    Senior Development Manager

    Born in 1971, Edgar Julienne holds a "Maitrise en Sciences Economiques" (M.A. in Economic Sciences) from the Université d'Aix-Marseille III and has accumulated 17 years of work experience.

    He worked at the Mauritius Freeport Development where he was responsible of Marketing. Edgar left Mauritius in 2004 to join Maersk Logistics in Dakar, Senegal, as Operations Manager. In 2007 he was recruited by Economic Zone World, a global developer and operator of economic zones, logistics and industrial parks operating under the Dubai World Group, as Project Manager for the Dakar Special Integrated Economic Zone project in Senegal.

    Edgar joined Medine Property in 2010.

  • Olivier Desvaux de Marigny
    Development Manager

    Born in 1985, Olivier Desvaux de Marigny holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Management & Marketing from Curtin University of Technology, as well as a Master of Science in International Project Management from the SKEMA Business School, Paris.

    He worked for Medine Ltd from 2008 to 2010, and recently worked for Sagiterra Ltd as Project Manager. Newly graduated with an MBA from Université de Paris Dauphine, Olivier joined Medine Property's team in January 2015, as Development Manager.

    His mission is to research, conceptualise and evaluate new property ideas and project development.

  • Fabien Harel
    Development Manager

    Fabien Harel, born in 1981, holds a ‘Maitrise en Science Economique et Sociale’ from the University of Toulouse 1 and an ‘MBA International de Paris’ from the Paris Dauphine & La Sorbonne Universities.

    Fabien joined the UBP Group in August 2005 as Shop Manager of Espace Maison Ltée. In 2009 he moved to UBP as Property Development Manager until 2011 when he was appointed Area Manager of the northern region. In 2012 he was promoted to the post of Sales Manager of UBP where he was responsible for the sales strategy and customer care of the core business activities whilst still being in charge of all properties within the Group.

    From 2015 until June 2017 Fabien was the Production Manager of the core business activities of UBP for the northern region.

    Fabien joined Medine Property in July 2017 as Development Manager.


  • Ian Koenig
    Head of Technical Department

    Ian Koenig holds a National Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying from the Durban Technikon.

    After working in South Africa for two years, he joined General Construction Company in Mauritius where he gathered some 20 years of experience. Throughout his career at General Construction, Ian got gradually involved with the running of major construction sites, which included planning, site management, administration, co-ordination with clients, consultants, sub-contractors and site staff members, among others.

    He joined Medine Limited in 2008 as Project Developer for the new building and land-parceling projects in the Property Department.

  • Jérôme Ritter
    Senior Project Manager | Technical

    Born in 1976, Jérôme Ritter holds a ‘Diploma in Building Construction’ which he completed in Cape Town.


    He first joined Manser Saxon in 2000 as Contracts Manager and moved to TDA Consult eight years later in 2008. Jerome built a solid experience over 15 years in various areas of construction ranging from residential and commercial to hotels and industrial projects.


    Jérôme joined Medine Property in 2016 as Senior Project Manager.

  • Alix Tennant
    Marketing Manager

    Born in 1986, Alix Hernvann is graduated from both the EMP (Ecole de Management de Paris) and the EFAP (Ecole Française des Attachés de Presse).

    She worked 2 years at Club Med - France in loyalty programs and CRM before moving to Mauritius. After an experience in communication agency, she joined EnAtt Ltd (Bagatelle Mall) as Marketing Manager.

    She joined Medine Property's team in January 2015 as Marketing Manager and has the responsibility to conduct Medine Property’s innovative marketing strategy and lead product development, marketing communications and market research.

  • Cyril Rabeisen
    Asset Manager

    Cyril Rabeisen has graduated from the ESSEC Business School. After 9 years within Total company in Finance and Human Resources, he joined an organisation specialised in sustainable development, with positions in the Middle-East and in West Africa as Operations Director, before being promoted as Chief Finance Officer.


    Settled in Mauritius since 2 years, he has worked with the Eclosia Group as Projects Consultant until he joined Medine in June 2018.

    His mission is to manage the assets of Medine such as Cascavelle Shopping Mall, Uniciti Office Park, Pierrefonds Estate and many others.

Did you know?
  • #1

    A natural drainage system will collect rainwater and redirect it towards existing rivers

  • #2

    New parks will be created within the city as an extension of existing green areas

  • #3

    The city grids takes into account the prevailing winds to ensure natural ventilation

  • #4

    The site on which the city is built is covered with a dense network of water bodies

  • #5

    The design codes will ensure the architectural coherence and high environmental performance

  • #6

    Land use is distributed in a manner that optimizes the use of energy and resources

  • #7

    The city is designed as a series of walkable neighbourhoods, along linear parks

  • #8

    Each of the city’s neighbourhoods is a self-sufficient node, organized around a local centre

  • #9

    Each primary road of the city incorporates generous pavement and a segregated cycle path

  • #10

    The whole city will be connected through cycle and pedestrian tracks

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