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The GRIT Colin Mayer Tour 2018 in the heart of Uniciti
08 October 2018
The GRIT Colin Mayer Tour 2018 in the heart of Uniciti

The third edition of the Grit Colin Mayer Tour, which was held last weekend (5 to 7 October), was a success. Uniciti, which was one of the main sponsors, had the honour to host this prestigious international cycling competition on its ground.

This event gathered some 320 riders, both locally and internationally, who share the same passion for the sport. All the participants had the opportunity to ride through a uniquely designed path blended in the diversity and wild beauty of the West Coast.

This unique 180km race tour consisted of three stages, namely The Casela Safari Challenge, The Uniciti Cross Country and The SPARC Ultimate Pursuit.

Departing from SPARC, the multi-sports centre of the Medine Group, riders embarked on a long ride through the wildlife scenery of Casela World of Adventures, cutting through some of the most rugged and unexplored trails traced for the occasion on Yemen lands. It was undoubtedly a great race atmosphere for the participants who got to enjoy a truly magical tropical mountain biking experience.

A special congratulations to four of our employees who raced as a team for this unique tour and made the pride of the Group through their effort and will power.

    Jean Will Smith (Medine Agriculture – SODIA (Poultry))
    Jean Philippe Ribot (Uniciti Education Hub)
    Jean Eric Fidèle (Medine Agriculture – Construction)
    Satish Mattapullut (Medine Agriculture – Factory)

They completed 180km of ride on three days of intense competition of the Colin Mayer Tour with a good performance overall. Uniciti proudly sponsored our athletes as well as two students from the Westcoast International Primary School who also participated in the Kids Race.

For this occasion, SPARC was converted into a sports village from the start and finish point of all stages, providing infrastructure facilities and services such as a fully equipped restaurant with daily rider meals, bike wash, mechanics and bike shops, showering and toilet facilities, massages and physiotherapy. Medical support with doctors and first aid were also administered.

For the final stage, the multi-sports complex hosted a mini family day, with great animations for the kids, entertainment for the parents and riders. It was indeed a memorable event where great sportsmanship was celebrated amidst the diversity from the different communities gathered.

For more information about the GRIT Colin Mayer Tour 2018, visit their Facebook page.
Photo credit: Xavier Koenig, Daphney Dupré, GRIT Colin Mayer Tour

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