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Essential packs donation to Student Life Residences
22 April 2020
Essential packs donation to Student Life Residences

While some foreign students at Uniciti Education Hub campus returned back, others stayed here in Mauritius. As the academic curriculum continues online, Uniciti Education Hub personnels have made sure, with Medine’s help, that students, especially those at Student Life Residences, have enough to eat during confinement.

150 Packs consisting basic foodstuffs were delivered to students residing at Student Life Residences and also to those who are staying off campus. Sachi Virasawmy and Hans Ramlochun, Student Life Manager and Resident Coordinator respectively have joined efforts to ensure the well-being of students during the lockdown.

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Did you know?
  • #1

    A natural drainage system will collect rainwater and redirect it towards existing rivers

  • #2

    New parks will be created within the city as an extension of existing green areas

  • #3

    The city grids takes into account the prevailing winds to ensure natural ventilation

  • #4

    The site on which the city is built is covered with a dense network of water bodies

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    The design codes will ensure the architectural coherence and high environmental performance

  • #6

    Land use is distributed in a manner that optimizes the use of energy and resources

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    The city is designed as a series of walkable neighbourhoods, along linear parks

  • #8

    Each of the city’s neighbourhoods is a self-sufficient node, organized around a local centre

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    Each primary road of the city incorporates generous pavement and a segregated cycle path

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    The whole city will be connected through cycle and pedestrian tracks

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