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Cascavelle Shopping Village

The shopping village is the ideal breakfast & lunch spot, providing a wide choice from Artisan Coffee, Monoprix, KFC and the last opened, Le Bistrot de Marius. Customers will be delighted to enjoy some 20 additional food outlets as from December 2018.


The Cascavelle Shopping Village's foodcourt is indeed undergoing a major uplift to provide its customers with an added convenience among a completely redesigned space.

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SPARC  offers a great place to meet friends and family or to relax after a fitness class. The large, stylish Clubhouse serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with the added comfort of a fantastic view over the ocean, sport facilities and the range of mountains.

Customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi and fresh juice from the juice bar. The Clubhouse offers a mouth-watering menu of freshly prepared homemade meals and snacks.

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Student Life Restaurant

Student Life Restaurant

At close proximity of Middlesex University Mauritius, the restaurant, open for lunch, stretching over 1,000m2 opens on a beautiful view down to Morne Brabant Mountain. This roof-terrace facility sports a warehouse-style interior and will soon feature a gaming area.

The 24

The 24 - UnicitiOffice Park’s Cafeteria

A full-fledged company café-restaurant is setted up in the middle of the second phase of Uniciti Office Park.


The cafeteria featuring a nice and cosy setting, welcomes visitors for breakfast or a coffee break, coupled with an offering of sweet and sour snacks. The lunch area provides affordable, generous and various meals for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, salads and sandwiches. The 24 offers a breathtaking view of the coastline from its terrace.

Next to Uniciti

Next to Uniciti

Mauritian cuisine is rich in diversity, which makes it an integral part of the Mauritian culture. The outskirts of Uniciti, starting from Flic en Flic to Tamarin are perfect spots to find the most delicious dishes across all cuisines.

Did you know?
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    A natural drainage system will collect rainwater and redirect it towards existing rivers

  • #2

    New parks will be created within the city as an extension of existing green areas

  • #3

    The city grids takes into account the prevailing winds to ensure natural ventilation

  • #4

    The site on which the city is built is covered with a dense network of water bodies

  • #5

    The design codes will ensure the architectural coherence and high environmental performance

  • #6

    Land use is distributed in a manner that optimizes the use of energy and resources

  • #7

    The city is designed as a series of walkable neighbourhoods, along linear parks

  • #8

    Each of the city’s neighbourhoods is a self-sufficient node, organized around a local centre

  • #9

    Each primary road of the city incorporates generous pavement and a segregated cycle path

  • #10

    The whole city will be connected through cycle and pedestrian tracks

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